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Photo of organic red raspberry seed oil bottles displayed on a deck railing. The scenic background features the Puget Sound, as seen from Vashon Island.
Glass beakers showcase red raspberry seed oil infused with different herbs. Each oil has a distinct, vibrant color.

Raspberry and Cranberry Oils are Super

Raspberries and Cranberries are well known as super-foods but less well-known is that they also make super oils.


The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of raspberry and cranberry oils are far superior to other well known carrier oils.


The high Vitamin A and Omega-3 content of cranberry and raspberry oils provides your skin with unrivaled nourishment.


Our berry seed oils improve skin health, reduce inflammation and improve collagen production resulting in smoother, tighter, radiant skin.

Local And Sustainable

Local berry farmers, close to home, with less than 100 acres each, produce over 58,000,000lbs of raspberries each year. Harvest starts and lasts for all of July.

We work with the berries right next to where the crop is grown. This reduces the carbon foot print and allows us to capture the essence of the berries.

Here in the Pacific Northwest raspberry farmers specialize in producing fresh packed raspberries and raspberry purees. We take the seeds from the puree, which the farmers have no use for, and make our oils. Making more from less is the key to sustainability.

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We guarantee the source and quality of our carrier oils and beauty oils. Berry Beautiful crafts its products from berries grown by local farmers and herbs grown in our own gardens. From drying, to cold-pressing, to bottling and packaging, we do it all ourselves, from start to finish.

What Makes Berry Beautiful Unique?

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Our Story

Berry Beautiful is a family owned business on beautiful Vashon island Here in the Puget Sound

Our Story