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What makes Berry Beautiful Unique?

We guarantee the source and quality of the oils and infusions we use in our products.
What sets Berry Beautiful apart is the quality and purity of its products. We can guarantee the quality of our oils because we make them ourselves using the highest quality berries. We craft our raspberry oils from berries grown by NW Berry Co-op farmers that are blessed with fabulous growing conditions and are renowned for the quality of their berries.
We dry our raspberry and cranberry seeds at low temperatures to preserve their quality and vitality.
Red raspberry seed drying process. Rakes help turn the seeds for uniform drying. Raspberry fields in the background showcase the source of the seeds.
We cold-press our “live” vital seed in small batches throughout the year resulting in the freshest, highest quality oil available.
Cold-pressed red raspberry seed oil press (closeup), extracting golden amber oil & seed cake. In-house oil & seed flour production.
Our infusions are made with herbs we grow in own gardens using our own oils.
Berry Beautiful formulator Ivonne Kommer in herb drying room. Lavender hangs to dry, calendula flowers and nettles on racks. Natural ingredients for skincare products.
Each year NW Berry Co-op farmers harvest their berries during a few short weeks in the summer. Grown in the shadow of the Cascade mountain range with cool nights and warm days allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and be harvested at the peak of ripeness. We dry raspberry seeds alongside the Co-op during the harvest season where berries, fresh from the fields, are packed for shipping to grocery stores and made into a puree that is used in jams and juices.
We dry our seed at low temperatures (below 120 °F), preserving valuable active ingredients found in the seed. We craft our oils carefully, cold-pressing the seed in small batches throughout the year ensuring their freshness.
Berry Beautiful produces and packages its raspberry and cranberry oils, powders and beauty oil products at its food-grade facility on Vashon Island, WA. Berry Beautiful controls every step of the oil and production process, from the Co-op to the packaging of all our products. This allows us to guarantee the very highest quality and purity of all of our products.