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Raspberry and Cranberry Oils are Superior Skincare Oils

Skin care oils act as emollients, adding moisture and they also lock in moisture. Each oil has a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids and phytonutrients that can address skin concerns.

To repair the lipid barrier of the outermost layer of your skin and keep it’s inner skin layers healthy, the special characteristics of each oil are important to consider, including an oil’s antioxidant content, it’s anti-inflammatory properties and whether it tends to clog pores.


Antioxidants are the key to healthy, youthful, radiant skin because oxidative stress plays a major role in the skin aging process.  Antioxidants protect skin from damage by sunlight, pollutants and other environmental aggressors, while promoting collagen growth, brightening skin tone and reducing inflammation.

Skincare oils are composed of fatty acids. The best skincare oils have a high percentage of essential fatty acids. These are the fatty acids that cannot be synthesized in the body, Omega-3 and Omega-6, yet are necessary nourishment for healthy skin.