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Our process and how our products are made

Each year the raspberry crop in Whatcom County is harvested during a few short weeks in the summer. We dry raspberry seeds alongside the berry packing houses during the harvest season where berries, fresh from the fields, are packed for shipping to grocery stores and processed into a puree that is used in jams and juices. We dry our seed at low temperatures (below 120 °F), preserving valuable active ingredients found in the seed. After drying, we clean the pomace to isolate the seed and then cold-press seed in four batches throughout the year, ensuring the freshness of our products.

We produce and package our raw oils, powders and skin care products at our food-grade facility on Vashon Island, WA.  After cold-pressing, the oil is mechanically filtered using the same kind of filter (cellulose sheets) that is used for filtering wine and olive oil. The filtered oil is stored under inert gas to ensure no oxidation occurs. The fiber that is left after the oil is pressed out of the seed is milled into a fine powder that is readily digestible and used as a functional food.

Berry Beautiful controls every step of the oil and production process, from the packing house to the cold-pressing of our seeds. This allows us to guarantee the very highest quality and purity of all of our products.