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Organic Certification

Formulating with our Certified Organic oils or powders? See our certifications and resources below:

USDA Organic Certificate

NOP Operation ID: 2780003203


WSDA Organic Certificate

Certification Number: 3203

WSDA Certified Organic Logo

Berry Beautiful's Organic Certification
Berry Beautiful is certified by the WSDA Organic Program, which is accredited by the USDA as a certification agent. Their role is to inspect and certify organic operations like ours, ensuring we meet all NOP standards. This guarantees the legitimacy of our organic certification and the high quality of the ingredients you receive. Both our seed drying facility and our seed pressing facility are certified for organic production.

Organic from Seed to Bottle
We prioritize complete organic integrity and sustainability. Our certification extends beyond processing; we source our seeds from certified organic farms within the US, ensuring they are grown according to the strict guidelines set by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). This means no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used throughout the berry's life cycle, and sustainable farming methods are encouraged. By working with US farms, we reduce our carbon footprint and transportation emissions, while maintaining greater transparency and traceability. Unlike ingredient resellers, we control every step of the process, allowing us to guarantee the quality of our oils and powders.

Certified Organic Products:
Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Meeker Red Raspberry Seed Powder